Valorant presents KAY/O, a killer robot with the ability to mute opponent abilities.

Riot has officially introduced the next agent heading to Valorant, a lean, nasty robot killing machine dubbed KAY/O, who was once teased as little more than a disembodied head.

Valorant’s latest agent, revealed in a new teaser this week, is all about eliminating your opponent’s advantages. His primary ability is a throwing knife that adheres to walls and silences opponent abilities within a certain radius. Yes, he is comparable to Apex Legends’ Revenant, who is also a robot with the ability to throw ability-suppressing projectiles, but the rest of KAY/toolset O’s distinguishes him from Respawn’s skeleton assassin.

The ultimate of KAY/O expands on this silencing capacity by releasing pulses of suppression energy. This effect also provides battle stim to the bot, and if he is knocked out in this state, teammates will be able to resurrect him. His other two powers are a flash and frag grenade, the latter of which sticks to walls and explodes numerous times when detonated.

KAY/anti-ability O’s powers make perfect sense in the context of Valorant’s continuous interaction between the various characters’ skill sets, and Counter-Strike players will always appreciate the usefulness of a good old flash. The agent is will be available on the live servers when Valorant’s Episode 3: Act 1 update arrives on June 22nd.

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