Valorant’s League of Legends tie-in now includes a massive ghostly blade.

Sentinels of the Light, the next major League of Legends event, begins on July 8th and features the new champion Akshan as well as a slew of skins inspired by the wider Ruination of Runeterra storyline. As part of this, Riot is ‘collaborating’ with itself for the first time, with a slew of crossover items in the latest Valorant update.

Valorant’s ‘Ruination’ skins are based on League of Legends and feature a lot of magical gems and fog, as shown in the following video from Youtuber Hitscan. There’s a Phantom, Guardian, Spectre, Ghost, and, most intriguingly, a melee weapon that LoL fans will recognize: the damaged king’s blade.

At level 1, this is a broken sword, but at level 2, the shattered blade is repaired with crystalline light. It takes up a large portion of the screen, so it’s not for me, but it does look cool, and don’t worry about the range: level 2 doesn’t increase it, and only you see the ‘ghost’ blade section, so as not to confuse other players (here’s a timestamped video of it in action).

There are also some patch notes along for the journey. “Fixed problem where Skye was able to activate the flash of Guiding Light when subdued,” “Fixed the ability to heal KAY/O while downed in NULL/CMD,” and “Fixed Sova’s Recon Bolt projectile from looking deployed for opponents when flying in the air.”

There are also a number of smaller adjustments, such as preventing players from altering text chat colors in order to mimic system messages, squashing certain UI issues, and resolving a problem that was preventing some players from advancing correctly. The League of Legends-themed skins will be available in Valorant tomorrow, with the Sentinels of the Light event.

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