Warcry: Challenges is a first-person shooter speedrun game.

Phew, this one seems good to me. When I first heard the name Warcry Challenges, I wasn’t impressed (maybe I was thinking of Warface, a different game), and the creator defines it as the solution to the question, “What if Doomguy had a drunk one night fling with Super Meat Boy?” When I first heard it at the Future Games Show, I wasn’t sure what it meant, but the clip above clarified everything.

It looks like Doom, but you go through small stages in a linear fashion, one-shotting demons in the head and using magic powers to proceed as fast as you can.

“Utilize powers like slow motion, stomp, grappling hook, or ‘force’ style melee, make 360-degree [turns] and backflips, and most importantly, compete for first place and enhance your skill in over 180 furious challenges,” the developer explains.

As a fan of Lovely Planet, Ratz Intagib, and Quake, and all those old man FPSes, this clearly piques my attention. (However, I never got into the new Dooms.)

Warcry Challenges has a Steam page and will be released in the future. It will be released in “2021-TBD.”

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