Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline, the return of Aiden Pierce

Yesterday was the 7th anniversary of the first Watch Dogs, with the hacking-focused third-person action series debuting on May 27, 2014, just after the introduction of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In honor of the series’ seventh birthday, Ubisoft has opted to give fans a glimpse into its next big update, with the official Watch Dogs Legion Twitter account presenting a teaser for the Bloodline narrative extension.

The short teaser, which is just under two minutes long, provides an intriguing set-up for Legion’s next chapter, with previous Watch Dogs protagonist Aiden Pearce being pulled into the story. Fans were aware that the character would be returning prior to the release of Legion, and it appears like Ubisoft is now ready to tell how and why he’ll be joining the resistance on the streets of London during Bloodline.

The teaser opens with a now-bearded Pearce sleeping in his automobile on the streets of Chicago, awoken by a call from recurrent Watch Dogs character Jordi Chin. The Fixer offers the former protagonist a task he can’t accept, suggesting that it’s “business espionage” rather than the normal mercenary work Pearce did in the first game. Although Aiden is first hesitant, he rapidly gets intrigued after learning that the job will bring him to London, where his nephew Jackson now resides. After finishing his conversation with Chin, he drives away, obviously accepting the arrangement.

The expansion looks to be taking up various strands left unfinished in the first Watch Dogs, notably Aiden’s connection with Jackson, which became one of the narrative’s most pivotal subplots. Although nothing is known about the DLC, Pearce will be fully playable in the game and will be able to join the resistance, engaging in the campaign that follows his story arc in Bloodline. He’ll be joined by Wrench from Watch Dogs 2, who will also be a playable character in the game next month.

Watch Dogs Legion debuted last year and tried something new with the Watch Dogs model, enabling players to construct their own underground resistance from random NPCs located across the realm. It was a fresh idea that quickly became the game’s main selling point, with players able to enlist hypnotists, opposing troops, bare-knuckle brawlers, and even elderly spectators. It’ll be intriguing to see what Bloodline does with the idea, especially given that it features some of Watch Dogs’ most memorable characters.

Watch Dogs Legion is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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