Watch Dogs Legion update expands online, adds two new professions

Watch Dogs Legion gets its first major update tomorrow, May 4, and Ubisoft has released a teaser detailing what’s included. The game’s multiplayer modes, which Jeremy Peel described as “profoundly disappointing,” are expected to be expanded with three new co-op challenges, five tasks, and two toys, while the season pass will soon be expanded with a new adventure set in a museum and a superpowered hero that can be played in single-player or online modes.

Mina Sidhu claims to be endowed with divine abilities. That, or very sophisticated hacker technology. The trailer reveals her mind-controlling foes and shock them with psychic blasts. Aiden Pearce was unable to make do with his famous hat.

In the update, additional character customization features, such as hair and body art customization, will be added to the base game, and two more character styles will be dotted across the open world. The best is definitely DJ—you can play as a DJ, buffing friends and throwing out shockwaves of electricity. The other recent occupation is that of a first responder. They will defend themselves or anyone by using a ‘AR Shield.’ Warning: this will not work in real life.

Watch Dogs Legion’s Update 1 will be released tomorrow, along with new season pass material.

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