Wolfstride, a stylish mech RPG, has a new trailer.

I’ve seen a lot of mech games come and go in the past, but none have been as intriguing as Wolfstride. During the Guerilla Collective Day 2 webcast today, the indie tactical mech RPG received a new trailer. Wolfstride looks to be half turn-based mech combat (with a comic book-like graphic flair reminiscent of Persona 5) and part visual novel/RPG.

Mechs aren’t cheap, therefore a significant portion of the game appears to be about venturing out into the world and doing odd jobs in order to acquire better mech parts. Once you have all you need, you may install components and fix your mech yourself before engaging in one-on-one fights. The brief clip makes it difficult to understand how the game’s 2D fighting works, but the moving locations on screen reminded me of Darkest Dungeon. “Hit the streets to take whatever employment that the mystery residents have to offer,” the game’s Steam page says.

I enjoy a good rags-to-riches narrative, so I’ll certainly attend Wolfstride. The developer, OTA IMON Studios, has yet to announce a release date, so it might possibly be a while.

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